Profil Kawasan Industri :

Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung, otherwise known as JIPS Industrial Estate, was developed and managed by PT JawaTengah Lahan Andalan. The JIPS Industrial Estate develops a land area of 300 hectares, which is divided into 3 stages, namely stage I: 110 hectares, stage II: 120 hectares, stage III: 70 hectares. JIPS is designed following the Demak Spatial Plan (Rencana Tata Ruang dan Wilayah/RTRW) and is expected to provide a positive atmosphere for investors to develop their businesses in Central Java, Indonesia, especially in Demak Regency.

In addition, the JIPS Industrial area provides services for the business needs of tenants and investors with the concept of "one" Integrated Cyber Techno Eco, which is an integrated service based on technology and is environmentally friendly.