A. Perusahaan

BSBCITY is a 1000 hectares urban development located in a highlands area of Semarang City with altitude of more than 200 meters above sea level within Semarang City, the capital of Central Java province. The Master Plan was done by NIKKEN SEKKEI. This development was launched in 1999 and adopts an integrated urban development concept which aimed to be "A PLACE TO LIVE, A PLACE TO WORK, and A PLACE TO PLAY. As an urban development and being the integral part of Semarang City, BSB offers the comfort and a better quality of living by providing working and recreation facilities for professionals and family oriented people who value excellence.

The environment of BSBCITY is truly exceptional, as it is surrounded by beautiful nature and supported with on-going development of infrastructure facilities based on international standard quality. BSBCITY has consistently moving towards building urban infrastructure, to support the development of residential, commercial, industrial, educational areas, and public facilities.

B. Kawasan Industri

BSB Industrial Park memiliki luas total 112 Ha dengan berbagai infrastruktur yang dapat mendukung kegiatan industri di dalamnya, diantaranya adalah Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, 24 jam security system, jaringan hydrant, dan fasilitas lainnya. Saat ini ada lebih dari 45 perusahaan yang telah tergabung di dalam BSB Industrial Park dengan beberapa bidang usaha diantaranya garment, furniture, manufacture, dan jenis usaha lainnya.