Here are some Ready to Offer Projects

Investment opportunities that are ready to be offered to investors, comply with the Medium-Term National/Regional Development Plan, the location offered is suitable to the designation in the Spatial Plan, clear and clean ownership status (not in dispute), and feasible from legal, technical and financial aspects based on Pre-Feasibility Study.

Solo Convention-Exhibition Hall Development


Surakarta City is a city that always organizes numerous compelling events every year but unfortunately there is no place that can be used to hold various events at the present. In order to support the Government program in making Surakarta City as the city of MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions), it is necessary to build a convention-exhibition hall which later can become a venue of large amount of local, national, as well as international scale events. The area chosen to build...

Kalianget Hot Spring Development


Kalianget Hot Spring is a well-known hot spring in Wonosobo. Its strategic location makes it easy for visitors to access it by using motorcycles, cars, buses, or other public transportations. Kalianget Hot Spring utilizes natural hot springs containing sulfur. The current condition at this hot spring is the availability of large parking lots, private swimming pools, playground for kids, rivers around the location, and there are several parts in the area, such as ponds and buildings that are less...

Saline Tilapia Fish Hatchery Development


Fishery sub-sector is one of food types that provide many nutrients, especially protein, and very useful to support human physical growth. This is supported by Indonesian’s natural condition where _ of the area is territorial waters which full of fishery potential and other biological protein sources. Pati Regency has 642 ha land that is utilized as Saline Tilapia fish cultivation spread in Tayu Sub-district, Dukuhseti Sub-district, and Margoyoso Sub-district. The development of Saline Tilapia h...

Integrated Shrimp Fisheries Industry Development


Shrimp fisheries industry is a fisheries industry that concerns to all process of fisheries products, specifically Whiteleg shrimp, namely from supplying the demand of shrimp feed to processing the result of Whiteleg shrimp farms aimed to foreign market. Activities that will be developed in this integrated shrimp fisheries activities are shrimp feed factory, Whiteleg shrimp seeding, cultivation farm, and Whiteleg shrimp processing factory. The chosen location to be established for this integrate...

Kledung Rest Area Development


According to the plan, Kledung Rest Area will be built in an area of 3.05 ha by choosing a strategic location with panoramic scene of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing, and located on the edge of the Temanggung-Dieng main road. The development of this Kledung Rest Area is planned because there are numerous tourist attractions that has been established in Kledung Sub-district. It is expected to be an opportunity to develop Kledung Rest Area. The development will include construction of lodging, res...