Here are some Prospective Projects

Investment opportunities that are prospective to be offered to investors, comply with the Medium-Term National/Regional Development Plan, the location offered is suitable to the designation in the Spatial Plan, and has had a preliminary study.

Greneng Reservoir Development


Greneng Reservoir is located in Tunjungan Village, Tunjungan Sub-district, Blora Regency, which borders Rembang Regency and adjacent to KPH Mantingan Rembang Forest. The presence of Greneng Reservoir is also supported by human resource which has a role to fulfill the needs of tourists. Community around the place utilizes natural resources to be processed as foods, handicrafts, and sellers. This community also provides other services such as transportation, guide, parking service, until outbound....

Marine Tourism in Morosari Beach


Morosari Beach, which is located in Bedono Village, Sayung Sub-District, Demak Regency, has a potential to be one of marine tourism sites in Demak Regency. The availability of extensive land drives the management company to build various facilities which are able to support the existence of Morosari Beach Marine Tourism. As for facilities which will be developed, Morosari Beach offered hostels, restaurants, and fishing spots. There are also water games like waterpark, water spider, lazy river, o...

Lapang Museum Development


The development of Lapang Museum, which is located in Banjarejo Village, Gabus Sub-district, Grobogan Regency, is a form of preserving cultural heritage that consists of animal fossils as a part of ancient human civilization and it can support science and history knowledge renewal in Indonesia. Lapang Museum is a tourist attraction that presents a place of fossils discovery which are elephants, buffalos, crocodiles, hippopotamus, rhinos, deer, wolves, sharks, turtles, and bulls. In addition, the...

Tritip Cave Development


Tritip Cave, which is located in Ujungwatu Village, Donorejo Sub-district, Jepara Regency, is a tourist object on hillsides near other potential tourist objects that can be developed. It is named Tritip Cave because there is a cave between rock slits with uneven texture which is called Tritip in Javanese. Local community believes this cave has a place to refuge because there are some ship pieces owned by Mbah Joyo Kusumo. Activities that can be done when tourists come to Tritip Goa are camping,...

Curug Sewu Waterfall Development


Sewu Waterfall (Curug Sewu) is named according to its location, which is Curug Sewu Village, Patean Sub-District, Kendal Regency. Visitors can choose various activities in this place, from tourism attraction, trading, to hostel activities. Trading activities and lodging service are offered in order to support Sewu Waterfall because the number of visitors who come each day reaches 450 to 500 people. The facilities in this tourist spots are pavilion, viewing post, Remaja park and swimming pool, fi...