Here are some Potential Projects

Investment potential in the form of available resources in an area, which has economic value but is still unexplored.

Warehouse Receipt System Development


Grobogan Regency Receipt System Development is a legal entity that will execute a series of activities involving recording, storing, transferring ownership, charging mortgaging, reporting, as well as providing systems and information networks for the warehouse receipt registration center. Grobogan Warehouse Receipt System will be utilized for the storage of commodities produced by the farmers, including rice and corn. Besides storing, this warehouse receipt system can also produce good quality r...

Beef Cattle Fattening Business of Semarang Regency Development


The business of beef cattle fattening is one of the livelihoods for livestock communities that have good prospect to be developed. Most of the Semarang Regency inhabitants, among small, medium, and private or commercial farmers, have an interest in this business. The location of Mulyorejo beef cattle fattening development of Semarang Regency is in the former Mulyorejo Plantation, Barukan Village, Tengaran Sub-district. The demand of beef which continues to increase and has not been able to be fu...

Klego Industrial Area Development


Industrial sector is the growing sector in Boyolali Regency, especially in urban suburbs area. The development of this industrial sector is able to provide employment opportunities for the community to become labor in factories and workers for regional development projects as well as produce business opportunities for the surrounding community. Plans for industrial allotment areas will be directed to areas that are not in disaster-prone areas, which are Blumbang Village and Jaten Village in Kleg...

Organic Palm Sugar Industry Development


Palm sugar is now becoming known and used by Indonesian people who put concern on their health in daily life. It is because of the content of insulin fiber is useful to slow down the absorption of glucose in the body so that it is suitable for diabetics. CV Agro Berdikari intends to cooperate with farmers, collectors, and Village-owned enterprises and will develop the palm sugar industry in Sempor Sub-district, Kebumen Regency. The activities will be done there consist of palm sugar accomodation...

Rowo Jombor Tourist Area Development


Rowo Jombor is a nature tourism area where its water area is utilized for floating shops that serve variety of freshwater fish dishes as well as utilized as cages. Its location is in Krakitan Village, Bayat Sub-district, Klaten Regency and has an area of ±198 ha. In its further development, it is planned to build sport center facilities, such as horse racing arena, motorcycle racing arena, and tennis court. In addition, there will also be the construction of a playground, water tourism, and a to...